Remaining Productive and Keeping Children Occupied While Working From Home.

Remaining Productive and Keeping Children Occupied While Working From Home

At the best of times, being a parent can require juggling work and family commitments. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the routines of parents who are working from home indefinitely. With schools closed, they face additional educational responsibilities and the need to keep children active.


As parents and children adjust to life at home, there are some helpful strategies to stay productive.

  • Set a routine
    In school, children follow schedules, so creating a timetable may help better organize the day for both parents and children. By keeping children busy and learning, parents can better focus on their own work or tasks.
  • Create a personal workspace that is conducive to productive work
    A dedicated work area can help create a physical and mental boundary between parental and professional duties. If finding a separate room is difficult, try creating a space in the living or dining room, or even bedroom. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and a headset (noise cancelling, if possible) so that you can stay connected to your colleagues during working hours.
  • Adopt a flexible mind-set and be patient
    Even with a well-planned routine, there will be challenging days when things don't go to plan. Being flexible and adapting to circumstances can help prevent frustration. Take note of what works best and adapt, every day if needed.

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