Back to the office –
How full-time working parents can adapt.

Back to the office – How full-time working parents can adapt

As the world gradually emerges from the COVID-19 lockdowns, full-time working parents may experience difficulties adapting to the new normal. After working remotely for such a prolonged period of time, it may be challenging to navigate life back in the office while also ensuring that school-aged children at home are coping well.


Here are some tips to help parents as they return to work:

  • Be flexible. If you have found new heights of productivity during this period – or simply want to minimize risk of infection to your family members – speak to your hiring manager and make alternative working arrangements.
  • Communicate with your family. Let your kids know that there are going to be changes in your daily routines and highlight the positive aspects of this new situation. Assure them that while they will see less of you in the coming days, you’ll still be spending quality time and doing fun activities together when you’re at home.
  • Find the highlights of the routine that you’ve created during self-isolation. Has it been helpful to set aside time to keep your children busy and learning so you can focus on your work? Or perhaps it’s been beneficial to ensure you have pockets of time throughout the work day to check in with your child. Identify the quarantine habits that have worked well for you and your family and continue applying them.

The world is now vastly different and the effects of quarantine will be carry over to the workplace. The first step to adapting is understanding the working style that you’ve developed in the past several weeks and communicating your preferences to your manager. Above all, be patient with yourself as you adjust. Sooner than you think, you’ll find the routine that works well for you and your family.


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