COVID Global Impact Report 5
April 2021   NEWS

COVID Global Impact Report 5

Global COVID Report shows positivity around vaccine roll-out.
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Since the start of the pandemic, Cigna has been tracking five areas of people’s lives that influence their well-being including family, financial, physical, social and work in our COVID-19 Global Impact Study.

In our latest study, which polled over 25,000 people globally between November and December 2020, findings show a growing positivity at a time when vaccines are rolling out and news of anticipated vaccine approvals emerges in many countries.

Findings in this report show the novelty of remote working has begun to wear off and 53% of people globally are not wanting to return to the office at least 80% of the time. Respondents citing more effective communication, better team  collaboration and productivity as the key reasons.

By December 2020, the initial enthusiasm for physical excersise (which rose at the beginning of the pandemic) has waned, and health fatigue has set in, notably in the US wehre only 24% said they were exercising regularly compared with 32% in October.

Family well-being scores have remained robust,  40% of people  surveyed saying it was excellent or good. This can be attributed to people’s ability to spend  more quality time with their family.

Overall there is a desire for pre-pandemic normalcy and the promise of vaccines in many countries seems to give respondents improved perception of their whole health and a brighter outlook

Read the fifth edition of our study here.

As people around the world continue to adapt their daily lives as a result of the pandemic, at Cigna we have been focusing on identifying ways to help people manage these changes and additional stress through this period.


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